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Happy Monday everyone and welcome back to the blog. Did you know that nearly 40% of engagements happen from the end of November through the end of February? For today’s blog post I wanted to create a round up of Salem, MA wedding planning resources for you in case you are part of that 40%. So here we go!

Salem, MA wedding planning resources

The first one I have to mention, of course, is This is the sister website to that I created a few years ago. I am also a professional photographer so I decided to combine my knowledge of Salem and background in weddings and photography to create

Witch City Wedding – The Guide

Witch City Wedding is a guide I created this year in 2022. It’s 73 pages of digital content covering topics such as planning a destination wedding in Salem, venues in Salem, handfasting basics, questions to ask your Salem photographer, things to look for in your venue contracts and more. You can grab your copy of it right here!

In addition to running and I am also a photographer. If you are in need of engagement photos, wedding photography, proposal photography or any other types of work, head to You can view my work there and any inquires can be sent to I’d be happy to chat.

Three quick things to note…

The following are a few quick things to note regarding planning your Salem, MA wedding.

First, the city of Salem has a three day waiting period to obtain a marriage license after you file. This trips up so many people. If you are coming in from out of state to get married, you need to factor this time period into your trip OR plan two visits so you can get the license ahead of time.

Second, availability of vendors and venues fills up super quickly in Salem around the fall. If you are planning a fall or October wedding please book everything as early as possible. I myself am getting wedding inquiries as far out as 2025!

Last but not least, I’d highly recommend booking local vendors for your wedding. We are all intimately familiar with the city and can help you navigate any challenges that may come with a Salem wedding, from a place of experience. We are all here to help you out.

That’s it!! Congratulations on your engagement and feel free to reach out with any questions. Enjoy!! <3

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