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Hi everyone, happy Monday and welcome back to the blog. Today’s post is going to be a 2023 update on previous content I have written regarding enjoying spooky vibes in the summer in Salem, MA. I know not everyone is able to (or wants to) visit us in the fall during peak season, and that is totally fair. Maybe planning a summer visit is more your speed but you still want to incoprorate some Halloween or spooky vibes. Well, here ya go!

How to enjoy spooky vibes in the summer in Salem, MA (2023)

Salem’s Other Seasons

First thing’s first – grab your copy of Salem’s Other Seasons. This is a digital guide that I have created and it covers spring, summer and winter visits. It goes over events, travel tips and tricks and more. Don’t worry – these spooky vibe tips don’t overlap with the ones in the summer section of the guide. The guide also includes a full copy of my planning workbook so you can organize all of the details of your trip in one place.

Visit Black Veil Tattoo

The spooky vibes inside of Black Veil Tattoo are immaculate. The gift shop and interior of their location on Boston street is something straight out of a Tim Burton dream and I am here for it. I highly recommend stopping in, grabbing some goodies to take home and snapping pictures because it is perfection. Please note that Black Veil is not located in the immediate downtown area. You may want to take an Uber or Lyft there or hop in the car if you have one.

Stop into The Satanic Temple and Art Gallery

The Satanic Temple and Art Gallery is an entire mood and vibe in and of itself. It used to be a funeral parlor, is home to an eight foot Baphomet statue and contains rotating art galleries through the year. I definitely suggest a visit to wander the property and enjoy some vibes.

Shop at BlackCraft

BlackCraft opened a location here in Salem within the last year, moving into the space where Santander Bank used to be. They painted the entire inside black (including the vaults), installed a massive witch on a broom from the dome ceiling which is lit up red and created such a cool atmosphere. 10/10 spooky vibes.

Do a spooky photoshoot

A lot of you guys know that in addition to running and associated platforms, I am also a professional photographer. I’d love to do a shoot for you!! Grab some spooky props, costume items and let’s do it! I am already booking into late 2025 so don’t hesitate to reach out now to secure your spot on my calendar. I can be reached at and my work can be seen at

Book a tarot reading with me

Did you know that I have been reading and studying tarot for 10+ years now? Yup. I do virtual readings if you aren’t going to be visiting Salem any time soon. I am also taking part in a divination event this coming October where you can book tarot with me, tea leaf readings with Katie Ring and reiki with Autumn Blackwood. Appointments are required in advance so secure your spot now!

Bonus: Visit Hammond Castle

Okay, okay, this one isn’t in Salem. I know. Hammond Castle is in Gloucester. However, if you have access to a car, it’s well worth it to make the drive. Hammond Castle is a gorgeous stone castle on the water, filled with historic artifacts, a massive church organ, an indoor pool/moat and so much more. It certainly gives haunted vibes and is always a pleasure to visit, in my opinion.

Play a spooky board game

Do you own Salemopoly? I regularly stock them here on my website right from the manufacturer so be sure to grab one when they become available.

Join a spooky book club

Book clubs have been growing in popularity around here in Salem! If you’re a local, why not join in on the fun for some spooky summer reading? I have attended one with Nocturne so far and it was a blast.

I hope this helped give you some ideas to start! There is so much more than this, of course, and my guide goes over extended info plus summertime events so be sure to grab your copy. Enjoy!! <3

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