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A chat with The Salem Satan

Yay! I am happy to add to this series of blog posts talking with some of Salem’s recognized faces around Halloween. Today we have a chat with The Salem Satan. I know I personally have seen him around the city,…

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Pet friendly Salem, MA

** Edited 10/19/17 9:00 AM EST to add contributions via the Facebook post for this blog ** I have been poking around online and making phone calls trying to compile a list of pet friendly locations in Salem, MA for those visitors who…

things to do in salem, a peek into the world of mrbones of salem, mrbones of salem
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A peek into the world of MrBones of Salem

If you’ve ever wandered the witch city streets during Haunted Happenings, you know the costume game can be next level. There are those who spend years perfecting their craft, and MrBones of Salem is one of them! I chatted…

things to do in salem, planning a salem ma wedding
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Planning a Salem, MA wedding

After networking with some lovely folks in the North Shore Wedding Professionals group, I wanted to put together a collaborative post with some tips and tricks. Are you looking to get married in Salem? I reached out to some…