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Have you ever wanted to visit somewhere so badly you slept in a car? I have. The first trip I made into Salem a very long time ago, with my then boyfriend, involved a night in the car. We were staying at The Tuck Inn in Rockport, MA and got into town the night before. We parked in the parking lot of a church (disclaimer: don’t try this on your own) and stayed overnight in the back of his Hyundai Elantra. The seats from the back folded down and we had placed a blow up mattress over top with blankets and pillows to make it work.

The first thing you don’t realize about sleeping in the car is the noise. The second is the fact that overnight in the cold (it was October) meant the air mattress would slowly deflate by morning. The third is that if you stay in the parking lot of a church, it’s going to get busy really early. The next morning we checked into The Tuck Inn (they were super nice and let us in early), showered and napped.

Basically, going anywhere on vacation can be expensive. Today on the blog I decided to make a little list of some tips and tricks for making it more affordable. This info isn’t all inclusive and you may have other suggestions which I would love to hear in the comments. The list doesn’t include staying in a car so you’ll be there bright and early, but hey, it worked for me once upon a time!

So without further delay…

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  • Are you a AAA member? Some hotels and attractions along the north shore offer discounts for those who are.
  • Keep your receipt from visiting the Salem Witch Museum…on the backside of it is a list of shops that offer a discount to you with your proof of entry to the Museum.
  • Pack a lunch and eat it on the Derby wharf instead of buying food. If you’re going to be around for a few days, check if your hotel has a mini-fridge and pack a few lunches to save even more.
  • Book your hotel early for better rates and book for more than one night at a time if you’re planning to stay longer. Also, if you’re a AAA member check if they offer a discount. Many hotels do, as I mentioned above.
  • If you’re visiting during peak season, parking spots will be more expensive. If you get one, don’t move your car from it unless you really need to so you can avoid paying multiple times. This will also save you from having to try to find another spot which can be a challenge.
    You could alternatively pick a hotel that has free parking for guests. These are my top three personal picks.
  • Pick a hotel with a free continental breakfast.
  • If you want to get a tarot reading, most readers discount their rates for longer sessions. For example a 30 minute read might be $40 but an hour might be $70. Check the rates at different shops and decide which works best for you as well as which reader you vibe well with.
  • Share a pizza for dinner from The Flying Saucer instead of buying separate entrees at a restaurant. In addition, the outdoor seating at The Flying Saucer is nice!
  • Did you come into Salem for Halloween without a costume? Check out The Army Barracks for some random props to throw something together.
  • Buy combo/discount tickets for the attractions at the Witch Village instead of separately if you are considering visiting that area.
  • Check Groupon. Salem’s businesses sometimes run deals there.
  • Consider the Go Boston Card. Largely it’s Boston based however there are some Salem attractions available. Read more about that here.
  • If you’re a Salem resident, many things around the city are free or discounted. Check before paying to see if they offer a discount for you with ID.
  • If you get on the Trolley, hang onto your ticket. You can use it for free transportation/hop on and off at their flag stop locations through the date of purchase.

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things to do in salem, discounts and savings, book your salem ma hotel

Good luck and have fun. I hope your travels to the witch city bring you everything you seek. Enjoy!! <3

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things to do in salem, salem ma on a budget, salem ma discounts and savings