things to do in salem ma, five free things to do in salem ma

We all love free, right? Who doesn’t want to have fun with little to no funds? Here are some things you can do to enjoy Salem with no money required.

1. Bring your camera (or cell phone with camera) to the Salem Common and snap some pretty pictures.

The Salem Common is gorgeous, year round. In the fall the colors are vibrant; in the winter there are lights strung from the branches. Snap some pictures of this scenic area and enjoy.

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2. Bring a lunch to the Derby Wharf

Pack a bag with some sandwiches, chips and soda (or whatever you prefer) and wander down the Derby Wharf. Take in the view of the water ahead of you, the Friendship beside you and the House of the Seven Gables to your left. When you’re done picking up pretty rocks that the water has tumbled, have some lunch and enjoy. If you want to add a couple dollars to this one, maybe grab a coffee at Jaho when you’re done. They’re right around the corner.

3. Visit the Witch Trials Memorial and Old Burying Point

This is a memorial set up for those who were killed during the Salem witch trials. Take a few moments to wander the grave markers, maybe leave some flowers on them and take time to consider the history of our witch city.

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4. Walk the Heritage Trail

Have you noticed the red line/trail on the ground around town? Put on some comfy shoes, bring the camera and follow it to take in some history while you wander historic Salem.

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5. Enjoy music at the Fountain Stage

If you’re visiting during peak season in October, check out some jams at the Fountain Stage. There is also often free music at night on the weekends at places like Opus. Check their website for details.

Enjoy your stay! Feel free to tweet your pictures of your visit to me @witchcityguide. I’d love to see.

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things to do in salem, five free things to do in salem ma