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Salem has a long history that includes trade, the seaport, ships and even pirates! Most people think of the witch trails when they think of Salem but the history of this city includes so much more than just that.

Last weekend during the Salem Arts Festival I had the pleasure of meeting the people who own and operate the Schooner FAME in Salem as well as tour the ship. This got me thinking that a quick blog post with some ways to enjoy the nautical and maritime aspect of Salem could be fun!

Enjoy the Derby Wharf

This one is pretty obvious. The Derby Wharf is open once again after some repair work and you can now walk it and enjoy the scenery of the light house once more. Take a stroll, pop into the NPS Maritime building and enjoy the view of the water!

Tour the Friendship

The Friendship has finally been returned to Salem where she belongs, after being away for repairs for literal years. Take a tour or just take pics from the outside of the boat. Either way, it’s great to see her in the witch city once more.

Attend the Salem Maritime Festival

Taking place in August, the Salem Maritime Festival features features live music, historical reenactors, harbor cruises, demonstrations, interactive programs, arts, crafts, and more.

Attend the Antique and Classic Boats Festival

This one also happens in August and gives you a chance to check out 1900s-60s motor yachts, mahogany speedboats, sloops, yawls, schooners and a 19th century gold-leaf canoe!

Go on a cruise

As I mentioned, I met with the very kind people who own and operate the FAME. You can check out their website here if you’re interested in what they do. You can also hop on a Mahi Mahi Cruise! Their website is here.

Have fun and enjoy!! <3

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