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We can’t all be in Salem, all of the time. So how can one “Salem-ify” (yes, I just made that word up) their home a little bit? Today on the blog we’re going to chat about just that. I have talked about ways to channel Salem vibes in general, but not as it relates to decor and the home. Have you done any of these? Feel free to comment below with your own suggestions. <3

Salem maps and word art decor
There are lots of Etsy sellers that make beautiful heart shaped maps of a town of your choosing, so why not order one of Salem? This link right here is a general search of the words “heart map” on Etsy, so you can see you have many options. You could also swing by Moody Interiors in Salem and check out their ‘word art’ decor. The image below is an example of some of the Salem themed pieces you can find there.

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Do my photo challenge
Did you know I created a Salem based photo challenge? If you have completed it, consider printing your images and framing them as decor! Seeing your own images from around the city is a great way to Salem-ify your space.

Collect some Salem based books and make a creepy reading space
If you’re a book worm, check out the recommended reading list I created in collaboration with Wicked Good Books. Grab some Salem based titles and while you’re waiting for delivery make yourself a spooky reading corner in your home. If you need decor ideas, I strongly recommend checking out Miranda over at Spooky Little Halloween for inspiration. Click here to go right to her posts that are related to home decor.

Pull inspiration for decor from historic New England homes
The historic homes in Salem have many themes that run throughout that were common for their time frame. If you want to make your home look a little bit like historic New England or Salem, check out google images of houses in the Mcintire District of Salem or the Chestnut Street area. Note down the styles and common elements and incorporate some of that into your own space. You can read a little bit more about these areas here.

Hang up a vision board or tokens from your trip
If you have never visited the witch city and want to bring some of the vibes into your life, make a vision board! Print pictures, write words that are meaningful to you and hang it up on a vision board for yourself so you can see it every day. If you have been to Salem, make a shadow box or other keepsake of the tickets, tokens, etc. from your visit. You can check out some inspiration over at my blog post about ways to document your visit if you need ideas.

Feel free to comment below with your own thoughts! Enjoy. <3