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Alright guys, this one is geared towards the locals. If you look at my Google Analytics (which is a tool that measures metrics of the traffic to my website) you’ll see that a massive chunk of people who come to my site are right in Massachusetts. This means that even those who live in MA are looking for things to do in Salem and referencing my website. On Instagram I also have a large crowd right from Salem, including businesses. So I decided today we could talk about some ways you could be a tourist in your own hometown of Salem. How can you make it all seem “new” and exciting if the magic has gotten a little worn down? Here we go.

Keep your eyes open for smaller events

The first tip I have for you is to keep your eyes open for smaller events. It’s super easy to let the info of larger events we are all familiar with go in one ear and out the other. The large city wide events that we all know and love that roll around every October. Of course they’re great. However, keep an eye on social media and tourism websites for the smaller, lesser talked about ones. Check out the Facebook events tab, the calendar on my website, the calendar at or Creative North Shore. There is seriously always something happening, just do a little research.

Watch for new restaurants that are opening

There are new spots opening in the witch city all the time. #nodietinginsalem for real, guys. I announce them on my blog as the info is made available and you can also keep an eye on social media. Step out of the regular routine of the old favorites and try out a new restaurant! Pick a new cuisine, new food you’d never usually go for and spice it up.

Hit up the Visitor Center and hotel lobbies

Wander into the Visitor Center and hotel lobbies to snag pamphlets. Of course there will be things in there that you already know, but there might be some new faces and names around that you haven’t heard of. Grab some reading and see what they’re all about!

Wander around to some of the most Instagrammable places in Salem

Salem has so many spots that are worthy of pictures. Bring your camera or phone and take some photos! Consider yourself a journalist or someone trying to document Salem for others and have fun wandering. If you need a little IG inspiration, click here. What places are you drawn to? What are new ways you could photograph landmarks in the area? Have fun playing around with new angles and perspectives.

Book a hotel room

If your budget allows, grab a hotel room. Stay over night in the newest Hotel Salem, or kick it old school in a room at the Hawthorne. Maybe snag a room in The Merchant and decide for yourself if you think it’s haunted. Have a little “staycation” with your significant other in a nice room with a view of the gorgeous city you call home.

Hop the Trolley

I love the Trolley and always learn something new every single time I am on it. Grab tickets and go for a ride!! You’re going to know the locations you will see, of course, but the guides always offer interesting history and back story…you might learn something new too.

Take a tour

Grab the comfy walking shoes and take a tour. If you already know the history of Salem, maybe opt for a food tour or an AM Coffee Walk with Salem Food Tours. If you want something spookier for this time of year, check out a creepy ghost-focused tour. You certainly have many options in Salem, I’m sure you can find one that fits your preferences.

Check out Groupon

Groupon is a good way to save some money on attractions along the north shore, but it could also be used as a tool to make yourself try something new. Check out what is currently being offered and pick one you haven’t done! You could also consider setting up deal “alerts” on travel websites so you’re notified when prices drop on things.

See Salem from a new angle

Consider heading out onto the water and see Salem from that angle. Wander up to The Roof atop the Hotel Salem (especially if you booked a room there!) and grab a drink. Catching a view of Salem from an entirely different perspective can be refreshing and remind you just how beautiful the city is.

Ditch the car

Salem is structured for foot traffic and is very walkable. If you live in the city and have a car, consider leaving it parked for a week and go everywhere on foot. Walk down side streets that you might not have before, check out alternate routes and see what’s new in Salem from a slower pace on foot.

What are some of your own suggestions? Feel free to comment below and enjoy!! <3

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