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I recently got a message on Instagram from someone visiting Salem with their friends and family. The person who messaged me had been into Salem previously, but their company had not and they were looking for ideas of places to bring them. This got me thinking and I decided to turn it into a blog post! If you’ve been hanging around my website and social media for any length of time, these suggestions shouldn’t be too surprising to you. I’ve definitely mentioned them as favorites and the like. These are the places I bring my friends and family when they come into Salem and want me to show them around the city a little bit…there is variance depending on who I will be spending time with of course, but over all, here are my picks!

The outside of The Witch House

I don’t necessarily bring them inside for the walk through, but I usually make a pit stop at the curb out front with friends and family. First, it does relate to the witch trials and Salem’s history – I usually give a quick explanation of who Corwin was and his role. Second, it’s a really unique looking home and a cool photo op in the city.

A quick hop from The Witch House…

…is the Ropes Mansion and the gorgeous gardens behind it. Definitely another pit stop I make with guests.

Wynott’s Wands

The inside of Wynott’s is just so. freaking. neat. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter (like me) you’ll probably also like it, so be sure to poke your head in. One of my favorite pictures of my mom was taken inside Wynott’s! I knew she was going to be thrilled to see it, so I had my then boyfriend waiting inside to capture her expression and the result is fantastic. Her entire face is lit up and it’s a picture that I always love to see.

The House of the Seven Gables

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I really like the Gables. I think the tour is very well done, the house is unique and it’s fun to learn the history, the grounds are gorgeous and I like their gift shop, too!

The Salem Trolley

The Trolley is an awesome way to sight-see, to gain an idea of the overall layout of Salem and a fun way to learn some of Salem’s history. It’s also a lovely way to rest your feet when you’re tired of walking. Nine out of ten times, I hop the Trolley with guests and never hesitate to suggest it to others.

The Old Burying Point and Witch Trials Memorial

Another little splash of history thrown in there. A quick stop at the memorial and burying point always does a good job of driving home the point that Salem is more than green witches and jump scares.

Coon’s Cards for gifts

One of my favorite places to grab some Salem swag is Coon’s. Most of the guests I wander Salem with want some sort of souvenir and this is my go-to stop. Coon’s has hats, t-shirts, glasses, home decor, etc.

The Schooner Fame

So this is a new one for me – I only went onto the Fame for the first time a few months ago but I loved it. The next time I have guests with me and we have the time to go out on the water, this will be my pick for that.

Drinks at The Roof

The Roof is my pick for drinks with a view! Guests love it and it’s a nice way to take a break or wind down a little. If the weather isn’t appropriate for a roof-top bar, I’d suggest drinks at either Oneill’s or Olde Main Street Pub.

Ugly Mug for breakfast

If my guests are staying overnight or long enough to have breakfast, my go-to is the Ugly Mug. They are one of my top favorites and I have never had a bad meal there.

Goodnight Fatty

It wouldn’t be a visit to Salem without some sugary deliciousness from Goodnight Fatty and everyone needs to experience the magic that they are. 😛

The Coven’s Cottage/Hex/Crow Haven Corner

If my guests are looking for some witchy vibes that are all over that aesthetic, these spots are my go to. All three are gorgeous and historic in their own ways.

Some more food options

A few reliable standbys include…Burgers from Brodie’s, pasta in a window booth at Rockafella’s, iced tea from Jolie Tea Co., iced coffee from Brew Box, chowder from Oneill’s, ice cream from Melt (one of their unique flavors!), steak tips from Olde Main Street Pub, queso from Howling Wolf and many more. It’s sort of hard to go wrong with food in Salem.

And any shops along the way

Salem has tons of amazing shopping, so any spots that catch my eye that day or catch the eyes of my company are fair game! Easy to go with the flow.

What are your picks? If you had guests with you, where are the “must go” spots around Salem you would bring them? Feel free to comment below and enjoy!! <3


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things to do in salem, the places i bring my friends and family when they're visiting Salem