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Hi everyone! Happy Monday and welcome back to the blog. I know I missed last week’s publish…I was feeling sick and under the weather which meant my content schedule got thrown. However I am glad to be feeling better and back on track again now!

Today’s blog post topic is a weird one, I know. However it is a super common question over in my Facebook group, especially around the fall. I saw it asked again recently and decided to turn it into a blog post. The question is…are there public bathrooms in Salem, MA?

Short answer is yes, of course. However, there are catches, especially with COVID-19 still being a factor. So what is your best option? First, I’d suggest staying in a hotel or Airbnb right in Salem so you have access to facilities. This way you don’t have to worry about it and you have a bathroom as it’s needed.

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If staying right in Salem isn’t an option, I’d suggest using the restroom whenever you stop for food or drink. With COVID-19 still not controlled, some businesses have made their bathrooms unavailable however most restaurants will allow you to use it if you’re making a purchase.

Great, but what if you’re walking around and need to use the restroom and you aren’t in a restaurant? Salem does have a few options and Haunted Happenings has a great interactive map which can be found right here. Again, some options may be closed or have limited hours due to COVID-19. I’d suggest coming up with a few back up options in case you run into closed doors.

Finally, Salem does set up port-a-potties in the fall to try to handle the rush of tourism. However, we all know how that situation can look. Pubic restrooms were already an issue before hand and COVID-19 has definitely made it even harder. Your best options are staying right in Salem or using the facilities every time you’re purchasing food or drink.

Hopefully things will get easier all around as COVID-19 becomes more controlled. In the meanwhile, I hope this information was helpful. Be safe, everyone!

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things to do in salem, are there public bathrooms in salem ma