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You guys. We did it. We made it through another Halloween season here in Salem and this one was a banner year, oh my god. The crowds were higher than we have ever seen them. Were you one of the hundreds of thousands of visitors to Salem this October? Well, if you were and you’re now experiencing the Post Salem Blues, as I have coined it, this blog post is for you. I have done two blog posts in this theme before (linked at the bottom) and today is the 2022 update.

The Post Salem Blues — 2022 Update

Symptoms of the Post Salem Blues include the following:

  • Crying over photos and Google Images of Salem
  • Buying moving boxes and packing materials
  • Looking at apartments in Salem
  • Planning your next trip within 30 minutes of being back home
  • Refusing to take your Halloween costume off
  • Singing songs from Hocus Pocus until everyone around you leaves

First and foremost…get online! Find your favorite shops, restaurants and attractions and leave them positive reviews. The city is slammed with people through the fall, some of whom do not understand the long waits and crowds, etc. Sometimes these folks leave negative reviews which are not an accurate representation of that business and how things normally are. Counteract that with positive reviews of your favorites in Salem.

Next, begin planning for 2023. If you want to visit us again next fall, sign up for alerts for your favorite hotels. Make sure you are notified when they open reservations up and secure your room as soon as you can. Make a to-do list and start checking items off. It always makes the sadness of a vacation ending a little easier when you know you have another trip in the works.

Third…visit us at any other point in the year. There is sometimes a disconnect in folks understanding that Salem is a functioning city through the entire year. Not just in October. The winter is so calm, peaceful and serene with snow. The spring time is lovely, seeing everything slowly coming back to life. The summer is fabulous and a great excuse to get out onto the water or take the ferry into Boston as well. There are tons of city wide events, happenings and things to do through the entire year. I have an entire guide dedicated to this, just click the banner below.

things to do in salem, salems other seasons

My next suggestion is to do some holiday shopping, Salem style. Browse the online shops of your favorite businesses, makers and creatives from Salem and get a jump start on your holiday shopping list. You can get ahead of the game and support your favorite city, all in one shot.

My final tip for you today in this 2022 update is to share images from your visit on social media and tag the businesses and attractions in them. This helps others see what your favorites were and spreads the word about that business. We all know social media algorithms can be picky so help push it in favor of the places you visited and loved.

I hope that helped!! Come visit us any time of year and stay safe. Enjoy!! <3

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