things to do in salem in the winter 2023

Hi everyone, happy Monday and welcome back to the blog. In early October this year I did a blog post discussing the five October 2023 events I was the most excited for so I figured I’d do that again but this time I’d focus on winter events here in Salem. There seems to be a disconnect with folks thinking that Salem only operates seasonally, in the fall. I see comments and questions on my platforms regularly where folks are asking if things are open in the winter, if there is stuff to do, availability at the major attractions here, etc. The answer is yes. Salem is a functioning city where people live and work, all year round. This includes me. Sure, some businesses take a small break in November to recover from the crowds and a handful of businesses are seasonal, such as the Salem Trolley. However, there is no shortage of things to do. Today’s blog post is three events that I am the most excited for this winter here in Salem.

The three winter 2023 events I am most excited for

Christmas in Salem

Christmas in Salem is a historic house tour presented by Historic Salem Inc. I paused to buy my tickets now, as I am writing this blog post in October, because I wanted to make sure I could go! This year’s theme is “A Very On Common Christmas” so all of the homes will be in and around the Common district and I can’t wait.

Holiday markets

If you know me at all by now, you know I am a sucker for vendor markets and fairs. Salem has an abundance of this which makes me super happy. The Grave Tidings Market presented by Witch City Wicks is on the schedule for December 9th as well as a Ghost Ship Market on 12/16. I am sure others will pop up as we approach the end of the year. I love browsing all of the local artists and vendors at markets like this to do holiday shopping! This is such a great way to support local businesses.

Salem’s So Sweet

You guys know that I absolutely love the Salem’s So Sweet festival. It takes place every year in February and is a festival of ice sculptures, shopping, music, chocolate and more. The ice sculptures are my favorite part and I make a point of getting photos of each one every year. There are usually around 25 sculptures, positioned all around the city.

Bonus points and an honorable mention goes to the holiday window contest organized by Salem Main Streets. I love walking around downtown and seeing the beautiful holiday displays that the businesses have created.

There you have it! This list is not all inclusive by any means but it’s a fun place to start. Enjoy!! <3

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