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Welp, we can’t all have a travel buddy all the time. Sometimes you don’t even want one! Or maybe you’re coming into Boston for work or another engagement and will have a free day which you want to spend in Salem. What is there to do in Salem solo? Honestly, anything you want…very little actually requires a partner. Anyways, I know folks who have some anxiety about being a solo tourist, so on the blog today are a few suggestions for things easily done by yourself in the witch city.


Tours are a good idea when visit Salem solo because it’s not like you’re going to be talking much anyways. It’s like going to a move theater…you’re watching. Not chatting with the people you’re with. My favorite is the House of the Seven Gables, however, there are tons available.

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A window seat at Rockafellas to people watch while you get some chow is always great. Try the buffalo chicken flatbread, it’s one of my favorites! There are tons of restaurants in Salem, I just happen to think the window booths are awesome. You might also consider The Roof which is atop the Hotel Salem, Brodie’s Seaport or O’neill’s which are some of my favorites as well.

The Salem Trolley

A ride on the Salem Trolley is another good way to spend some time in Salem, solo or not. It is about an hour ride and takes you to multiple Salem landmarks. A great way to sight see and also a good way to take a break from walking if you’re getting tired.

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Go for a walk

Grab a warm beverage at Jaho or Jolie Tea Co. and take a stroll down the wharf to the lighthouse and back. It’s a good walk and is a lovely view. An alternative to this is grabbing coffee and taking a wander around the gorgeous, historic McIntire district.

These are just a few ideas, of course. Not an all inclusive list, and as I said before, you can literally do whatever you want in Salem by yourself. This post is just geared towards those who might not be so comfortable with the thought or simply aren’t sure and want some ideas. Enjoy!! <3

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