In yesterday’s newsletter I chatted about some Salem based lingo and words. I also corrected a few misconceptions or bits of misinformation I have been asked about over the last couple of years. To go hand in hand with that newsletter I figured today we could chat about a few misconceptions about Salem! Feel free to comment below with your own thoughts or things you learned after a few visits to the witch city.

Salem is all about the witch trials

Salem does, of course, have a darker history tied to the witch trials. However, the city has so much more to offer than just that. I have mentioned it before and am always happy to say it again…Salem is so much more than hooked noses and broomsticks. Salem has strong ties to early New England history, the sea and trade, spices and pirates. You can find signs of this all over the city. You can also find a very strongly supported creative community which I think is great. This is seen through the Salem Arts Festival, the works of Creative North Shore, drink and draw events, paint nights, write-ins and more. There is no shortage of creative folks in the area.


October is the only time of year to visit Salem

The fall is the best time, in my opinion, but not the only time. There are events happening regularly, through the entire year. It really doesn’t matter what time you come, you’ll find things to do. Keep in mind some businesses do take a small break right after October or in the winter months, however there are still activities. For example, if you visit in February you can enjoy ice sculptures, wine, chocolate and shopping as part of the Salem’s So Sweet Festival.

Also related to this question is about costumes. No, people don’t wear costumes all year round. Yes, people wear costumes a lot during the month of October.


Salem is all new age or witchcraft shops

Yes, there are a handful of new age shops in Salem that offer supplies to the Pagan, Wiccan or Witchcraft community. However, there are tons of other shops, too. Salem is home to so many locally owned businesses that sell unique goods and one of a kind finds. There are very few “big box” type stores in downtown Salem.


Salem is too scary for kids

This one is a yes and a no, it all depends on your kid and their individual personalities. Some October attractions can be intense and some costumes can be scary or violent looking. If you are unsure, I’d avoid visiting during the fall.


The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus lived in Salem

I have received this one via DM on Instagram a few times now. Yes, a lot of Hocus Pocus was filmed in and around Salem, however, the house the sisters lived in is not in the witch city. Also, they are not real historical characters…I have been asked this as well.


I hope this helped. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and enjoy!! <3

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