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Shopping local is something I am super into, especially when it comes to a city as unique as Salem. There are very few “big box” type stores around the downtown area and that is something I really love about the witch city. So what are some of the reasons you should keep it local?

Unique finds

Salem is home to tons of one of a kind shops that offer unique goods. Ones you likely won’t be able to find on Amazon later. If you see something that catches your eye, I’d suggest snagging it while you can because it likely doesn’t exist anywhere else. What a fun way to bring home something super unique from your visit!

It supports the local economy

Spending your money in the independently owned shops in Salem supports Salem as a whole. If you want to keep the city vibrant and constantly evolving, this is one way you can help with that. The money spent in Salem stays in Salem and supports it. It supports the business owner, the taxes support the city and so on.

It keeps Salem unique

Supporting the local economy allows for growth. If you’d like to see Salem constantly evolving and offering unique goods and one of a kind finds, this is how you can help! Shop in Salem’s local shops, buy goods from vendors at street fairs and dine in Salem’s restaurants. The cycle feeds right into itself and allows for continued expansion and room for growth.

Attend and donate at city wide events

Attending city wide events like the Salem Arts Festival happening in a few weeks is amazing. What is even more amazing is donating to the organizations that are behind it (in this example, that would be Salem Main Streets). It is harder in general for those organizations to bring in funds as opposed to a brick and mortar shop, so being sure to throw some change into those donation buckets is key. If you’d like to continue enjoying festivals in Salem, this is so important.

Local produce tastes better

In my opinion. 😛 I like buying my produce, fruits, etc. from local organizations and the Salem Farmers’ Market is a great way to do so. This year’s market opens in June.

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Because it usually comes with some history

When you stop into Ye Old Pepper Companie for some sweet treats, sure you’re getting a sugar fix. However you are also going to get to be visiting America’s oldest candy company and learning about gibraltors and blackjacks in the process. When you choose to stay in the Hawthorne Hotel you’re also in a landmark building that’s on the Historic Hotels of America registry. It’s Salem. Most of the city has some history tied to it and you can learn a lot in the process.

Some of my favorites

What are some of my favorite ways to shop local? I personally love the Salem Flea, The Salem Farmers’ Market, the Salem Arts Festival, the Salem’s So Sweet Festival and of course, any of the street fairs in the fall or through the year.

Alright…I think I am ready to step off of my soap box. 😛 Thank you for indulging me today as I write about this subject. Enjoy!! <3

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things to do in salem, shop local in salem ma