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This is a question I see pretty regularly in my Facebook group as well as via email, so I figured today on the blog we could chat about it! Should I book a hotel right in Salem, MA? What are the pros and cons of staying in Salem? Should I book a hotel that is in a neighboring town? Is it worth it?

Pros of staying right in Salem

There are definitely benefits to booking a room in Salem as opposed to in a neighboring town. First off, you’re nice and close. You don’t have to drive into Salem and worry about traffic if you’re visiting in the fall. You don’t have to worry about parking (if you picked accommodations that offer parking). If you are feeling overwhelmed by October crowds and need a few minutes of quiet, you can easily retreat to your hotel. You also get the entire experience, in full. If you’re coming into the city in October, staying right in the middle of the action really does add a certain element to the visit and makes you feel immersed in what Salem is like.

Where can I stay that’s close to the action?

If you’re seeking a hotel in Salem that is in a good location, I’d suggest the Hawthorne Hotel. They are located in a prime spot, in my opinion.


Pros of staying in another town

The first pro of staying in another town is a big one, in my opinion. The price! It is definitely less expensive to stay outside of Salem or to book an Airbnb in a neighboring town. You will also be way more likely to get a room in the fall as compared to staying in Salem. The witch city fills up quickly for the fall, so if you aren’t watching for when reservations open at your hotel of choice, you might miss it. A lot of hotels in Salem also require a minimum stay of a few nights during peak season. You likely won’t have to deal with that if you’re outside of the city.


You should also consider…

The last note I wanted to throw in here when considering where to stay is the cost of transportation. Booking in Salem is more expensive, as mentioned above. However, if you are going to be paying for transportation back and forth, you should also factor that in. If you drove into MA and have your car available then you’re all set. If you’re going to need to pay for the train, Uber, etc. then be sure to consider that.

Savings in real time

I am an affiliate of many travel websites such as Travelocity, TripAdvisor,, VRBO, etc. As such, I have a little search tool in the side bar of my website that is in partnership with (see screen shot below). It updates itself regarding discounts on Salem hotels in real time. If you keep an eye on that and click through when you see a good deal, you can save some money on your Salem hotel. To read about affiliate disclaimers on my website, click here.

So, is it worth it?

Is it worth it? In my opinion, yes. It’s worth staying right in Salem at least once to really experience the witch city. There is truly no place like Salem.

I hope this info helps!! Feel free to comment below with your own suggestions on booking in or around Salem. Enjoy!! <3

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things to do in salem, hotels salem ma

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things to do in salem, should i book a hotel in salem ma