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Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. For today I wanted to chat about five things you should plan for when visiting Salem, MA. If you’re a veteran reader of my blog and have been following me for a while then you have likely read these tips before. However, if you’re new here, this is for you!


First thing I always bring up (along with booking your hotel early) is parking. If you’re driving into Salem, especially around the fall, I strongly suggest having a rough idea of the parking situation. You don’t need to have every detail figured out down to how much the rates are and where the meters are located, but I’d have an overview of some options. This will hopefully mean that you can save time driving around trying to figure it out.

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Tickets and time frames

Are the buskers out all year ’round? Does Salem have much of a night scene? When should I purchase tickets for city wide events? Are all of the attractions open through the year or are there seasonal time frames to consider?

Salem sort of runs on its own schedule with most things opening late morning. If you get into the city at 7 am you’re likely to find it mostly still asleep except for coffee shops and a few restaurants that serve breakfast. To read all about time frames and what to consider, click here.

things to do in salem, first timers guide to salem ma

I’d check out a map

If you’re considering staying in Salem, I’d check out a map. Figure out where the hotel is or (roughly) where the Airbnb is. I’d then plot out where your main points of interest are or the attractions you consider to be “must visit”. Most of Salem is entirely walkable, however if you have older friends or family traveling with you, I’d be sure to consider this variable.

Consider how long you should stay and when to visit

If you’re doing more than a day trip, make sure you plan enough time! Salem has so much to see and do, so many yummy restaurants, attractions and more. Be sure you allot yourself plenty of time to enjoy and take it all in.

If you’re considering exploring other areas along the north shore on your visit I’d personally suggest Rockport as well as Boston.

I’d also like to mention the time of year you’re visiting. Of course everyone wants to see Salem in the fall. However, coming before or right after October can be absolutely lovely. The spring is wonderful too and it’s great to enjoy getting outside once the weather begins to shift for the season.

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If you need to use the restrooms

I bring this up because I see it pop up in my Facebook group a lot. There are only a few truly public restroom areas in Salem. The rest are part of restaurants and small businesses and as such they may be for patrons only. If you’re dining in Salem or making a purchase in a shop, consider using the facilities at that point if it’s an option. Be sure to make note when you make stops, especially if you have the kiddos with you!

Bonus: Consider the weather

New England weather does what it wants pretty much when it feels like it. Be sure to pack layers and options for yourself. Pay attention to the weather right up until your trip and keep an eye. You never know!

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I hope this helps!! Feel free to comment below with your own planning tips and tricks, I’d love to read them. Enjoy!! <3

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